CEED Universe

screenshot For the past year I have been working in a small game design team at Pi-Top developing a new title. It’s an educational RPG puzzle game in which the player explores distant planets and rebuilds society by writing code. Along their journey the player encounters different types of puzzle, each one teaching a different concept of computer programming.

Coiled Path

screenshot screenshot ‘Coiled Path’ is an iOS/Android game I’m currently working on in Unity. It’s a one touch game in which the player must travel as far down the coil without falling off.

Coming to iOS and Android mid 2018.

Pixel Planets

screenshot screenshot screenshot screenshot

This was a personal project where I wanted to make a system which could produce procedurally generated pixel art planets. The system would take different parameters like size, temperature and climate to randomize the results.

Procedural Landscapes Project

screenshot screenshot screenshot screenshot

This project spawned from my intention to build a colony sim with a very large map size and where the player could dig and cut into the landscape. I set out to build a tech demo and wrote the large majority of the code in c++ with a small amount of lua.

screenshot A lot of time was spent on the procedurally generated islands. I developed a node based system for filtering different types of noise through each other. As well as building a system for meshing the landscape at different LOD levels.

I also experimented with a system for rendering 2D sprites as lit ‘3D’ objects and feeding in depth information for each sprite so it would sit seemlessly in the rest of the 3D world. Read more about that here.

screenshot In 2013 I sold, a games portal I had built over the previous 4 years in PHP. I had written a content management system from scratch that featured user profiles, friends, comments, live chat and achievements.

During it’s time the site saw over 2 million unique users and had 10 million pageviews.

Snow Racers

screenshot screenshot After refining my vehicle physics engine in previous games I made ‘Snow Racers’. The game was complete with an A.I opponent to race against. It proved quite popular and gained over 4 million plays.

Play the game here!

Truck Games

screenshot screenshot screenshot screenshot

Ever since playing the original ‘Trials’ browser game as a kid, I have had an obsession with physics based platform racing games. During 2012 I made a series of these types of games. Each game had a slightly different theme and with each new game I sought to improve the physics engine over the previous.

Play Turbo Canyon

Quickswitch 2

screenshot screenshot The first ‘Quickswitch’ was well received and I wanted to push the concept further. Expanding on the concept of the first game I added a gravity modifier mechanic so players can push and pull the ball by hovering over the gravity orbs.

Play the game here!

Hold your ground

screenshot screenshot screenshot screenshot

I worked on this game for about 6 months. The player must construct a castle to protect his guards and king from the barrage of projectiles. The game was sponsored by MaxGames.
Play the game here!

Quick switch

screenshot screenshot Around this time I had started playing around with Box2d, a fantastic physics engine. I used it for ‘Quickswitch’, a puzzle based game where the player uses the mouse to activate blocks that guide the ball to a finish point.

Play the game here!


screenshot screenshot Piviball is a physics based puzzle game in which the player must rotate the puzzle to get the balls to the finishing point. The game was sponsored by Gamezhero

Play the game here!


screenshot screenshot ‘Hopyon’ was the first flash browser games I made. Followed shortly by ‘Blockvoid’. Game mechanincs are very simple, the game essentially plays like ‘Doodlejump’. Use the platforms to get Hopyon as far into the sky as possible.


screenshot screenshot Blockvoid was also based on very simple mechanics. Using the mouse the player must avoid the walls of the level and revolving obstacles, collecting orbs as they go.


screenshot screenshot screenshot screenshot

‘Spew’ was the last game I developed in gamemaker before learning actionscript2 and moving to browser based games. This was developed over a period of a few months.